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New York Red Bulls II Midfielder Chris Lema

Photo by Juan M Pena, Player Chris Lema

On the team mentality after the loss…

The mentality has been to fix things and basically give a full performance. Last game, we did a decent job, we just shut off for 20 to 30 minutes and that’s where the goals came in. So, just giving a full 90-minute performance.

On lessons learned from the match…

As I said before, it is just reactions. We scored an early goal and just kind of took our foot off the pedal, but just basically reacting better. It is a 90-minute game. It is not a game of five to ten minutes playing well, and that is it. So, we have been going over video and we have been training every day. Basically, what we have been talking about is that full 90-minute performance.

On Indy Eleven…

Indy Eleven has always been a hard team to play against. They have a lot of experience. They have been playing well. I mean all we have to do now is just focus on our system, play well, get the full 90-minute performance, and I think we will be fine.

Editor, New York Red Bull II




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