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New York Red Bulls II Head Coach John Wolyniec

Photo by Juan M Pena

On incorporating a number of first-team players into the lineup…

Birmingham is a good team. They have good players, so it wasn’t easy for us tonight. They had some injuries and that certainly slowed them down. But yeah, it is difficult when we change guys and stuff and, in some ways, it’s also benefited, especially on a short week when we only have two days between games. It helps us, you know, having a big roster in that sense. So, yeah, it’s always pros and cons and dealing with it and credit to our guys today. For the most part, they did a good job of gelling, so to speak.

On the key to stopping Birmingham…

That’s a good question. We’ve been pretty good defensively and we’ve had some moments where we slipped. Today, you know, we gave up the first real chances of the game - I think it was Hoffman. A little bit lucky in that sense. But we didn’t give up much, you know, again, they had some struggles with some injuries and being shorthanded, but our guys came up and were ready for the task. We were aggressive, running at them and pushing them into their half and that always lets us get our defense set up and that certainly helped up. We limited their set pieces for the most part. You could see that gave us a little bit of trouble today so, maybe a little fortunate in that area. When we get shutouts, we are good. We’ve probably only tied 0-0 a couple times in the five years I’ve had the team and then you can see that when we’re good defensively and limit the other team and we get our goal, that our style can kind of run up the score a little bit in that sense. So, again, credit to the defenders. We’ve been pretty good all year.

On the team’s offense this season…

In the past we’ve talked about how the style is the creator. I think last year we ended up leading both USL and MLS in chances created. I’m sure we’re somewhere around there again. It’s just the way we play. That’s not always the most important thing but it’s something that we feel like we’re good at. Again, we feel like we’re getting the right pieces. Tom has been phenomenal - he’s a great example of that. Jared comes on in a good way at the end of the half and obviously Derek and Andy were pretty dangerous most of the game. We’re always trying to be aggressive and when you’re aggressive you end up getting chances, and today a lot of them went in. We feel good about where we’re at and the players that we use up front and we have depth.


New York Red Bulls II Forward Mathias Jørgensen

Photo by Juan M Pena

On his two goals tonight…

I am growing more and more every day. From the training pitch to the match pitch, I am growing every time I come onto the pitch. Of course, I am happy to help the team with two goals, but I think in a game like this one, the two goals are okay, and I helped my teammates, but I can help my teammates more in a game like this. Of course, I am happy, and goals give confidence and confidence gives more goals, and I hope to keep going with like that one.

On setting benchmarks for the season…

I think I take it a little bit easy because it is a new country and it is all new for me and I am only 18 years old. I think the most important thing for me is taking step by step and go onto the training pitch and try to impress the coach and impress my teammates. Of course, grow a little bit about myself in this type of playing.

On the adjustment from Denmark to the United States…

I think it is a big step. It is a big step to get into a new country and to see the playing style in this country. It is more physical than in Denmark, but I think it is step by step in training and grow every time I come to training and every time I get into a match. Of course, it was one decision to come to this club it was because I think my playing style as a player fits into the system and then hopefully grow more in this system and develop every time, I get onto the training pitch.


New York Red Bulls II Defender Sean Nealis

Photo by Juan M Pena

On the challenges faced tonight…

The first half we kind of got off to a slow start. They were winning the second balls and at halftime we kind of adjusted and realized we had to go out, do more, and deserved more of each other and we ended up banging a few in the back of the net and that feels good.

On the chemistry of the backline…

The beginning of the season whenever you bring in new guys, it is going to be difficult at first, but as season goes along, we hope to build chemistry with each other, and the results have shown throughout the last few games have shown that. We have been happy with the result in the back and hopefully we can keep going.

On the upcoming road matches…

Yeah, it is a new season. We are looking forward to it and we hope to get three points in Ottawa. We hope to play better than we did in the first half more so like the second half and finish our chances that we get.

by New York Red Bulls II @NYRBII




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